Artist/designer/educator/researcher with a passion for innovation strategy and human-centered design who seeks to inspire people to act on ideas.  


I’m constantly contemplating:

“What do learners and workers need to know and be able to do in order to make a difference in a global society? What educational innovations are necessary today and for the future?” 

I think this is my lifelong design challenge.

Currently, I am the assistant director of a new initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder.  The intention of this initiative is to connect and collapse entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities across campus and throughout the community. This work is under the Research & Innovation Office and enlists stakeholders on and off campus.

My background has been a collection of interrelated artistic and educational pursuits that are only starting to make sense to me now.  Previously, I was the innovation program manager in the imaginarium (the innovation lab) at Denver Public Schools.  My role was building capacity and hacking roadblocks to allow innovation and design thinking to spread throughout the K-12 system.  Prior to that, I've worked at the University of Denver, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Francis Parker School, Colorado Mountain College, and The Island School, interspersed with lots of side projects in community building and youth empowerment.

My research focus is on the notion of multiple professional identities, and what happens when people work in the intersections of those identities.  As someone who is comfortable in both creative and analytical spaces, I find that I can easily foster the translation of ideas among art, design, education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. My ability to identify and blend key knowledge across varied disciplines allows me to check assumptions and make connections that often go unseen.  As a result, I am talented at helping groups blend, bend, and negotiate conventions to construct new solutions to age old problems.

My professional aim is to inspire others through creative mechanisms, and my personal aim is to shift educational and institutional paradigms to disrupt accepted forms of knowledge, access, privilege, and power. I attempt to achieve my aims through teaching, leading, mentoring, and studying existing and historical models.

My personal passions and curiosities include being in nature, practicing yoga, trail running with my dog, skiing champagne powder on blue bird days, anything with art/design/creativity, wearing costumes and making wearable art, creating sparkly things and fairy wands, and spending time with my amazing network of friends.

Want to know more? Shoot me a note, I'd love to hear from you.