Artist/designer/educator/researcher with a passion for innovation strategy, systems thinking, and human-centered design. I seek to inspire people to bring ideas to life.  


I'm a hybrid professional (visit #MoreThanMyTitle).  In other words, I blend and combine my core professional identities of artist, designer, educator, and researcher together on a regular basis.  As a result, I'm a skilled boundary crosser who connects the disconnected. I easily foster the translation of ideas amongst art, design, education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This enables me to check assumptions and help groups break and negotiate conventions to arrive at new solutions.  I readily perceive opportunities, interpret user needs, and apply creative thinking. Ultimately, I love driving innovation forward.

What keeps me up at night? I obsess over ideas like:

“What are the true pain points? Why do they exist? Who else is doing something like this? And, how might we transform the user experience?"

I'm a dreamer with a pragmatic outlook. I see life as one big design challenge.  Anything is possible, and what's the first step we have to take?

Currently, I'm the director of a campus-wide initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder.  The aim is to engage and expose all stakeholders to entrepreneurial and innovative experiences and mindsets.  This means I am the ultimate connector of dots trying to activate this work across campus.

My background is a windy loop-de-loop of artistic and educational pursuits that kind of make sense in hindsight.  I have degrees in art, design, and education. You could say I've been a student for far too long.  Prior to this role, I was the Innovation Program Manager in the Imaginarium (the innovation lab) at Denver Public Schools where I hacked roadblocks and taught workshops to allow innovation and design thinking to spread across K-12.  Before that, I worked at the University of Denver, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Francis Parker School, Colorado Mountain College, and The Island School, interspersed with passion projects and side projects in community building and youth empowerment.

In my free time, I study hybrid professionals- people who have multiple professional identities and find their sweet spot and unique value in the interstitial spaces. I'm working on a book about this.

Other things that light me up are trail running with my sidekick mini schnauzer, skiing champagne powder, practicing brushscript lettering, dabbling in the digital darkroom, designing wearable art, creating my backyard oasis, investigating the natural world and built environments, volunteering with local cultural orgs, and enjoying nibbles on patios with great people.

Want to know more? Shoot me a note, I'd love to hear from you.